Know When You Can Be Liable For Someone Else’s Driving As Per Injury Lawyer In Collingwood

When it comes to car accidents, the drivers who are driving the vehicle are deemed responsible for the accident and are implicated in the same. This is how normal car accidents and personal injury laws work. However, there can be certain circumstances wherein a person can be held liable for someone else’s driving. Sounds surprising? Well this does happen in some exceptional cases wherein the law holds the defendant responsible for the reckless driving of someone else and decides to punish them by way of asking them to pay the compensation to the victim or penalizing them for the same. The best bet for someone involved in such a situation is to reach out to an injury lawyer in Collingwood who would be able to help you with how best you can avoid this situation.

The first scenario wherein you can be held responsible for someone else’s driving is when you ask your employee to drive your car. If your employee is driving your car to perform some of the duties you have assigned them to do, and meets with an accident on the way, you as the owner of the car and also the employer who set them out to do the task at hand. Therefore, no matter how many arguments your injury lawyer in North Bay gives to the court, you will be penalized for the mistakes made by your employee on the road.

Another situation where you would be implicated for someone else’s driving is when someone borrows your car and ends up being in an accident. Therefore, if you generally ask your injury lawyer in Sarnia, he would suggest that it is not a good idea to lend your car to someone else as any mistake on their part can implicate you. However, still situations come across wherein one has no choice but to lend their car to someone else in times of emergency or otherwise.

In case, you have a car insurance and are covered by the policy, there might be some exceptions which may bar you from paying from the policy coverage in case your vehicle was being driven by someone else. Therefore, mostly your injury lawyer in Collingwood would ask you to get your family members included in the policy so that if one of them is driving the vehicle when the accident happens, you can still get coverage and pay up from the policy rather than having to spend from your own pocket.

There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that lending your car to your children can be troublesome and so can be lending your car to an incompetent person to drive. In such cases, not only would you be penalized with monetary compensation, but you may also have other charges which can further implicate you.